6.65 acres of flowers growing make this US Flag.

Field of Flowers Flag
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The 50 Flags for 50 States Project
seeks to present 50 flags to leaders in 50 states

These flags convey a powerful message about hemp, and the goal of this project is to have Hemp US Flags formally presented to industry leaders & government officials in each the 50 United States, plus one to President George W. Bush.

Visit your states page to see who is sponsoring a flag for your state. Most sponsors are also dealers in hemp and eco-goods - please visit and support them for supporting this project! Sponsors are also listed in the right side frame.

Click the map to check the status of the project in your state.

To learn about sponsoring a flag for your state, click here.

Questions? Send e-mail to info@hempusflag.com.

Click on the pictures to learn what we have been trying to do with these flags.

Hemp US Flag at the VoterMarch in San Francisco

Hemp US Flags presented to Arizona lawmakers
Flags Presented to Arizona State Lawmakers

Hemp US Flag presented to Woody Harrelson's 'Sol-Tour
Presentation to Woody Harrelson’s ‘Sol-Tour’

Hemp US Flag presented to Will Foster at 2001 Seattle Hempfest
Will Foster Presentation at Seattle Hempfest

Hemp US Flag goes to festivals whenever possible, Jack Herer is usually there too!

A special Hemp US Flag was made for Jack and Jeanie Herer - pictures here.
Jack & Jeanie Herer get a special Hemp US Flag

Hemp US Flags were flying the day we made Biodiesel from hempseed oil on the steps of the California State Capitol
Biodiesel Fuel from Hempseed Oil, on Capitol Steps, Sacramento, California

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