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Flag Presentations at the Arizona State Capital

On October 30th, 2001, 2 flags sponsored by Fuel and Fiber Company were presented to Arizona State Senator Darden Hamilton and House Representative Dean Cooley.

A ceremony was held at the Arizona State Capital in front of the Senate building. A  variety of industrial hemp based products were displayed and samples shared.



Both lawmakers publicly re-affirmed their commitment to passage of legislation that would allow Arizona State Universities to study the feasibility of industrial hemp as a crop in Arizona. They stipulated that private funding for the venture would be a condition most likely to win approval.

Roger sang and played his guitar to help set the tone. At the close of the presentation he sang “God Bless America” to the delight of all.


AP wire story as it appeared in the Arizona Daily Star 11/01/01

2 to push for study of hemp as cash crop
By Howard Fischer

PHOENIX - With an American flag made of hemp in the background, two conservative Republican lawmakers said Tuesday they will push to have the state universities study making it a cash crop in Arizona.

Sen. Darden Hamilton and Rep. Dean Cooley say that the less psychoactive version of marijuana could help keep agriculture alive in Arizona. They also said that other industries, like paper mills, could benefit from access to the fibers.

But first they have to overcome the objections of Gov. Jane Hull who vetoed a similar measure last year even after approval by both the House and the Senate.

Proponents of hemp say the less psychoactive form of marijuana can be used in a variety of products, from soap to cloth. For Cooley, that means an opportunity for Arizona farmers.

"Any time they can have another crop to grow it improves their ability to make a profit," he said.

"Farming is very volatile in terms of profitability," said Cooley, a Mesa resident. "And not only that, there appears to be a market within the state of Arizona for many of these products."

Hamilton, from Glendale, said a study would determine if hemp is a viable crop for Arizona, where days are hot and long and water is in short supply.

In vetoing last year's measure, Hull said having universities study industrial hemp would divert "scarce resources" from other academic programs.

This time, Hamilton said, he is writing the measure to specify that the study would take place only if restricted private grant funds were made available - money that could not be used for any other purpose. Francie Noyes, the governor's press aide, said Hull would have to see the new bill before deciding whether it will meet the same fate as the last one.

Even if the bill becomes law in Arizona, that doesn't end the problem for Hamilton and other supporters of industrial hemp.

Studying whether hemp can be grown in Arizona would require possession of hemp seeds and the plants. And that can only be done with permission of the federal government.

Possession of finished products made from hemp grown and processed elsewhere is legal - which is why the U.S. flag used by Cooley and Hamilton to show what can be made from hemp, while put together in Mesa, was made from hemp grown in China.

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Hemp US Flag at the VoterMarch in San Francisco

Hemp US Flags presented to Arizona lawmakers
Flags Presented to Arizona State Lawmakers

Hemp US Flag presented to Woody Harrelson's 'Sol-Tour
Presentation to Woody Harrelson’s ‘Sol-Tour’

Hemp US Flag presented to Will Foster at 2001 Seattle Hempfest
Will Foster Presentation at Seattle Hempfest

Hemp US Flag goes to festivals whenever possible, Jack Herer is usually there too!

A special Hemp US Flag was made for Jack and Jeanie Herer - pictures here.
Jack & Jeanie Herer get a special Hemp US Flag

Hemp US Flags were flying the day we made Biodiesel from hempseed oil on the steps of the California State Capitol
Biodiesel Fuel from Hempseed Oil, on Capitol Steps, Sacramento, California

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