6.65 acres of flowers growing make this US Flag.

Field of Flowers Flag
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Each 100% Hemp US Flag measures 3’ x 5’ 8”.
Even the stars are Hemp!

The package includes a Flag, a Certificate of Authenticity printed on Hemp paper and a steel mounting bracket in a sturdy Storage/Gift Box.   Each flag is handmade in the USA. Click here to see more pictures of the Hemp US Flag.

On July 20, 2001 - we introduced the “Betsy” Hemp US Flag , which has, like America’s First Flag, 13 stars in a circle.

Hemp US Flag is all about unity. Our American history and heritage have many stories of grassroots struggles against tyranny and corruption. We stand at the cusp of great social change, and have within our reach the opportunity to influence events and to effect the reforms so many dream about.

These flags are intended to inspire unity, action & responsibility, and with these we will compel our leadership to hear and obey the will of the people.

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Santa Barbara Hemp Festival, 2002

July 3rd, 2002 - Independence Day
Sacramento ASA Protest Action Continues

June 6, 2002 - Push back the DEA

Hemp US Flag presented to Woody Harrelson’s SolTour

Hemp US Flags in San Francisco for the VoterMarch


Enjoy your visit, and be sure to check out the
50-Flags for 50-States project too!


Click on the pictures to learn what we have been trying to do with these flags.

Hemp US Flag at the VoterMarch in San Francisco

Hemp US Flags presented to Arizona lawmakers
Flags Presented to Arizona State Lawmakers

Hemp US Flag presented to Woody Harrelson's 'Sol-Tour
Presentation to Woody Harrelson’s ‘Sol-Tour’

Hemp US Flag presented to Will Foster at 2001 Seattle Hempfest
Will Foster Presentation at Seattle Hempfest

Hemp US Flag goes to festivals whenever possible, Jack Herer is usually there too!

A special Hemp US Flag was made for Jack and Jeanie Herer - pictures here.
Jack & Jeanie Herer get a special Hemp US Flag

Hemp US Flags were flying the day we made Biodiesel from hempseed oil on the steps of the California State Capitol
Biodiesel Fuel from Hempseed Oil, on Capitol Steps, Sacramento, California

Hemp US Flag
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